Beautiful St Lucia

Beautiful St Lucia | Tropical Villas in St Lucia Caribbean 

What can I do in St Lucia 

The island of St Lucia has many tourist attractions and things to do for just about everyone. Here is very quick list of awesome attractions to check out:

The Pitons – Iconic pitons is the trade mark of the island – a must see and tour guide offer hiking to its peak and back. Its world renown as it is also a UNESCO would heritage site

The Ocean – The Caribbean side of the island has great beaches and great for swimming and snorkeling all year round.

Golfing - The Island as a long list and unique selections of international certify tier one golf courses and golf resorts, some even offer golf courses for the golf enthusiast.

The world’s only drive in active volcano - Very popular as place for alternative medicine, spa and relaxation in mud baths and more.

Horseback riding, water sports, fishing, cycling routes, hill walking to name just a few of the most popular leisure activities available in abundance on this island paradise


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