Deep Sea Fishing in the Caribbean

Guide to Deep Sea Fishing In the Caribbean | Vacation Spots in the Caribbean 

An Essential Guide To Deep Sea Fishing In the Caribbean

Do you dream of clear waters filled with big fishes and you on boat with a fishing rod? Well, it sounds like you've got to go for deep sea fishing in the Caribbean. A fishing vacation in the Caribbean is a dream come true for the avid fisherman, and the following article will tell you all that you need to know to make it happen.

The Caribbean is known for being one of the most awesome fishing grounds in the whole world. Deep sea fishing for Swordfish, Bluefish, Marlin, Billfish and even Shark is quite popular here and these waters have seen some really big catches.

Many of the world records by the International Game Fishing Association were registered here. Many islands frequently hold local fishing tournaments to add to that excitement.

Anglers can also find Kingfish, Barracuda, Tarpon, Bonefish, Grouper, Snapper and Amberjack close to the shore.

Important Points To Remember

Licensed operators on the islands offer half-day and full-day charters with an experienced captain and a knowledgeable crew, who are aware of the best locations for fishing in the region. Remember that requirements differ from island to island.

While some may require special permits; other islands may place a catch-and-release policy.

Many islands have got a good environment for fishing throughout the year, while the others may have the best times for fishing from the month of January to April / June.

Also, make sure to enquire about the local policies and conditions prior to booking your charter. In case you are confused or unsure about with Charter you should trust, it is recommended that you ask the hotel where you are staying for further information - as the local staff is more likely to know about the best and the worst options around the island.



Below are things you should know about a few of the fishing grounds in the region:


Experience the excitement of deep sea fishing off the seacoast of Grenada. This is a place where something is always biting - Dolphin, Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo and Sailfish are just some of the fishes that could become your catch-of-a-lifetime.

Sport fishermen recognize the abundance of the waters surrounding Granada, and the "Spice Island Billfish tournament," which is held in January every year, attracts the professionals from every corner of the world. It's a thrilling catch-tag-and-release championship event in Grenada.

For the rest of the crowd, day-trips to the same amazing fishing grounds are offered by a charter.

Costa Rica - Limón and Puntarenas

Costa Rica literally means "rich coast" - and it has got that name for a reason. The thought of deep sea sport-fishing might bring to your mind the pictures of captains of the industry on their huge yachts.

But don't think it's a playground reserved only for the richest. Average Joes with average budgets are also warmly welcomed here.

You can catch Mackerel, Tripletail, Tarpon and Jack Crevalle off the eastern part of Limón. Then, suggest users western coast of a place called Puntarenas, where you can try wrestling with Tuna, roosterfish and Wahoo.

Both of these coasts are great for Marlin, Snook and Dorado as well.


Saltwater fly fisherman looking for bonefish consider the waters around the islands as their personal favourite.



you can enjoy fishing on these islands at all times throughout the year, but the most favorable conditions are from January to April.

The waters are amazing for deep-sea fisherman, who will find loads of Billfish here, while the more calm coastal waters have barracuda, Wahoo and some other small fishes.

Virgin Islands

The British as well as U.S. Virgin Islands are known as amazing deep fishing grounds. Many fishermen from across the globe come here in order to compete in local tournaments for fetching the largest Bluefish, Swordfish, Wahoo and Shark. In fact, 8 of the many world records registered at the US Virgin Islands were for Blue Marlin. Another popular activity is bonefishing.

The perfect fishing off the area of St. Croix is usually from the month of September to June, and that's when fishermen are seeking out Swordfish, Kingfish, Marlin, Wahoo and yellowfin Tuna.

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Cayman Islands

It's no surprise that the Cayman Islands attract huge numbers of deep sea fisherman searching for Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin. Some choose to go along the reefs to bottom-fish in search of Snapper and Grouper. The Bloody Bay nearby Little Cayman is popular for good bonefishing.

Puerto Rico

The place is known for over 30 world records which were set here and earned Puerto Rico a good reputation as the Caribbean's fishing capital.


Antigua is particularly known for its temperate waters, which are great for deep sea fishing. One of the best fishing grounds in the Caribbean is home to Kingfish, Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), Barracudas, Marlin and many more - so it's not a surprise why pros flock here for the fishing tournaments.

The Antigua and Barbuda sport fishing tournament, is an annual highlight - for both local as well as visiting fishermen, and prizes are given for the day's biggest catches.

Dominican Republic
The island usually attracts fishermen looking for bonito and Sailfish as well as Wahoo and Marlin. The best fishing times are between January and June.

Things You Shouldn't Forget To Bring On This Vacation

Knowing what to bring along on your vacation might seem really simple, however, there are a few things that you shouldn't forget to bring.

Firstly, sunscreen is definitely required as the waters will reflect a lot of sunlight and you could be susceptible to sunburns. Always wear a hat along with sunglasses.
Bring clothing that's light, but shouldn't be so loose that it gets caught in the nearby fishing equipment.

Regardless of where you are heading for your deep sea fishing vacation, keep in mind that you don't forget your camera! It would be silly if you won't have those "look-what-I-caught" photographs as a proof of your amazing fishing incidents.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, deep sea fishing needs a lot of strength and patience, but there is no better and enthrilling experience than to actually feel the weight of the line while wondering what's going to surface.

It's tough not to crave some more time on the open, clear waters when you'll end up actually staring at the from the awesome beaches for most part of every day - and thankfully, there's no lack of opportunities for doing just that throughout your vacation!

So, make the most of it while you are deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, and get some big catches to make yourself proud!

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